Our Health Bites

Chicken Liver & Broccoli

Chicken feet are the secret sauce for this recipe and provide Chondroitin, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Glucosamine.

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Beef Liver & Apple

Keep your pet's vitality at its peak with healthy ingredients that are loaded with high quality nutrition.

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Chicken Liver & Pumpkin

If your pet is picky eater, this treat is full of flavor and easy on the stomach.

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Beef Liver & Sweet Potato

This tasty treat is full of vitamins and minerals and acts as a natural booster to your pet's skin and coat.

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Why Nature's Den?

Our goal is to provide simple treats with the highest quality natural ingredients using a freeze dry method.

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Customer Reviews

Our dog was recently put on a diet. Health Bites are perfect treats while still working towards her weight loss goal.

Emily S.

I got some of these treats for my Boxer/Pit and right from the start I knew these were the real deal! It's not too often you can read an ingredient list in less than 2 seconds and understand it. My dog loves them and I enjoy the peace of mind knowing they are good for him. We are hooked for life!

Victor W.